1. CSS font-rendering controls

    `@font-face` descriptor (currently defined as `font-display`) that allows control over how a downloadable font renders before it is fully loaded.

  2. ui-serif, ui-sans-serif, ui-monospace and ui-rounded values for font-family

    Allows more control when choosing system interface fonts

  3. system-ui value for font-family

    Value for `font-family` that represents the default user interface font.

  4. CSS Font Loading

    This CSS module defines a scripting interface to font faces in CSS, allowing font faces to be easily created and loaded from script. It also provides methods to track the loading status of an individual font, or of all the fonts on an entire page.

  5. Font unicode-range subsetting

    This @font-face descriptor defines the set of Unicode codepoints that may be supported by the font face for which it is declared. The descriptor value is a comma-delimited list of Unicode range (<urange>) values. The union of these ranges defines the set of codepoints that serves as a hint for user agents when deciding whether or not to download a font resource for a given text run.

  6. @font-face Web fonts

    Method of displaying fonts downloaded from websites

  7. TTF/OTF - TrueType and OpenType font support

    Support for the TrueType (.ttf) and OpenType (.otf) outline font formats in @font-face.

  8. WOFF 2.0 - Web Open Font Format

    TrueType/OpenType font that provides better compression than WOFF 1.0.

  9. fontface api

  10. fontfaceset api

  11. fontfacesetloadevent api

  12. fontfaceset api: add

  13. fontfaceset api: check

  14. fontfaceset api: clear

  15. fontfaceset api: delete

  16. fontfaceset api: entries

  17. fontfaceset api: has

  18. fontfaceset api: keys

  19. fontfaceset api: load

  20. fontfaceset api: onloading

  21. fontfaceset api: ready

  22. fontfaceset api: size

  23. fontfaceset api: status

  24. fontfaceset api: values

  25. fontface api: ascentoverride

  26. fontface api: display

  27. fontface api: family

  28. fontface api: featuresettings

  29. fontface api: linegapoverride

  30. fontface api: load

  31. fontface api: loaded

  32. fontface api: status

  33. fontface api: stretch

  34. fontface api: style

  35. fontface api: unicoderange

  36. fontface api: variant

  37. fontface api: weight

  38. css at-rule: `@font-face`: font-family

  39. css at-rule: `@font-face`: font-feature-settings

  40. css at-rule: `@font-face`: font-stretch

  41. css at-rule: `@font-face`: font-style

  42. css at-rule: `@font-face`: font-variant

  43. css at-rule: `@font-face`: font-variation-settings

  44. css at-rule: `@font-face`: font-weight

  45. css at-rule: `@font-face`: src

  46. css at-rule: `@font-face`: src: support for `format` keywords

  47. css at-rule: `@font-face`: svg fonts

  48. css at-rule: `@font-face`: woff

  49. css at-rule: `@font-face`: woff 2

  50. html element: font: face